From Bedroom to Battleground

A powerful exhibition sharing the voices of members from Project Indigo, a local LGBTQI+ youth group.

 Young teenagers based in Hackney have put together a small yet powerful exhibition at the Hackney Museum to help highlight the personal struggles they have gone through when exploring their sexual orientation and or gender identity.

The youth group is run by a mental health and well-being charity called Off Centre and is heavily involved in looking after the youth in the community as they begin to understand their sexual maturity.

The exhibition is comprised of two exhibitions; From Bedroom to Battleground and Out and About.

From Bedroom to Battleground is a small enclosed space decorated with a hodge podge of letters, drawings and paintings all collected from members of Project Indigo. As the title suggests the room itself is laid out like a teenager’s room and has the details of the anguish that teenagers go through at school especially when they have trouble identifying with their sexuality.

Roisin Cordy, 19-year-old exhibition goer said: “I’ve grown up in this area and thought I’d take a look at the exhibition because it was free. I’m really glad I popped in now because it’s so nice to see such a big sense of community within my local community … My cousin is bi-sexual and is 16 going on 17, I know she went through a really tough time when she was realising this and I kind of wish this was happening a couple of years back because it would’ve really helped her, I think.”


The second room is a display of wallpaper designs that were created in collaboration between artist Angela Groundwater and Out and About charity, which is a group of LGBTQI+ people aged 50+. The handmade wall hangings again show person significance to a person’s story highlighting that sexual orientation and gender identity issues have no age restrictions. This community of aged 50+ people have united to tell their stories using beautiful vivid colours and textures and were made during workshops that were held by the charity.

Pie chart

The exhibition is a well thought through composition of teenagers and elders giving their first-hand experience with LGBTQI+ topics. It shows a real sense of community and from a personal standpoint that can hopefully help and inspire both younger and older generations.


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