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Source: Dee Chiou

What better way to attract attention than write ‘HOMO THINGS’ on a brick wall with bright pink tape? And if that wasn’t enough, the number of posters definitely gave away the theme of the pop-up gallery that was taking place down Paul St. in Shoreditch. Fun, colourful and 100% HOMO, the first ever event of HISTORICAL.HOMOS account on Instragam, was something to remember.

Lucy and Sebastian (Bash) Hendra, an Instagram-obsessed brother-sister due, created the world’s first no-fucks given guide to history’s greatest homos in their attempt to elucidate the extraordinary side of LGBTQ+ history. Lucy’s skills as a graphic designer and Bush’s fascination for history, and everything homo, shined a different light on the supreme Queers of yesterday. 

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Sebastian & Lucy Hendra by Dee Chiou

According to the siblings, the idea of profiling history’s greatest homos in a more fun, engaging and accessible way popped in their heads just about seven months ago. “As a history nerd I always found Queer history really dull, serious and sad. And, there’s this whole side of LGBTQ+ history that’s lively, vibrant, powerful,” said 24-year-old Bash. 

“The history and the education need to mirror the community,” Lucy, 25, continued. “Our whole community today is out and proud and we wanted something that reflects that,” Bash explained proudly. 

Lucy’s design sensibility brought ladies, gentlemen and every kween in between, back to life, while Bash’s representation of the past and present Queer history merged everything together with a modern twist. From the ancient Greek poetess Sappho to Irish playwright, poet and novelist Oscar Wild, all pictures had a story to tell.

The electrifying selection of colours combined with the dullness of the history, managed to give life even to the ones that haven’t been around for centuries. Bash’s way of making historical facts amusing for today’s audience, through current refreshing, was simply fascinating and guaranteed to leave a smile on people’s faces.  

And of course the attention to detail didn’t end on the pictures. The bright pink tape theme continued inside the venue and the ‘YASS HOMO’ quote that decorated the big windows was hard to miss. A small sitting area that offered a number of relevant books was placed under the ‘LIBRARY IS OPEN’ quote from the iconic film ‘Paris is Burning’. The best part? Each and every print was there for anyone to purchase and take home. 


Michael Drew, 23, was one of the first ones to step in the gallery and called the exhibition, “innovative, educational and very exciting.”

This was the first of a series of pop-up events that are planned for 2018 so make sure to follow HISTORICAL.HOMOS on Instagram to find out more. The events have the aim to create new temporary LGBTQ+ spaces around the capital and bring all identities, genders, and non-labeled humans together.

A clear celebration of the Queer history with, “plenty of sash, bitchiness and historical homo fuckery,” as its creators called it.  


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