The Arts & Crafts Queer Fayre

Quirky market stalls, fancy finger food and a beverage on the go.

Getting out of your bed on a weekend is always a struggle. But when being greeted by an eclectic professional team at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, you do not think about the almost dream you may have had, you tend to think more about how people come together to form a welcoming platform for those in a specific community.

Catering for LGBT+, the ‘Queer Fayre’ holds the presence of arts and craft’s market stalls that sell clothing, fairy lights and small miscellaneous items all with ‘Queer’ and other LGBT terms sewed or printed on to them.




IMG_2741One of the logos at the Fayre

Queer Fayre, created by Wotever World is a diverse event held at Vauxhall Tavern, accommodating those who want to mingle with others of their community.

When first walking in, there was definitely a playful sense of colour and glitter, bringing everyone back to their high-spirited days and making anyone feel welcome and involved, especially in a safe and creative space.

The event came with a small venue but there were different types of people that were able to take part, making it into a success. Renowned for it’s daytime accessibility and friendliness to those part of LGBT+, there is room for a nudge in the right direction when not knowing where to go.

A copious amount of tables, bringing their own style and edge is what makes this event what it is. It’s community friendly vibe was welcoming to say the least and the stall holders were able to give insight on what they were selling and exactly their purpose.

T shirt sellers, caricature painting sellers. All friends and an all round pleasant atmosphere.

The location is notorious for it’s unique niche and snazzy style, holding events for those who like to act, dress or be a bit different. At first glance, you see just a regular pub like stature and then, with this event, you recognise the sequins, the glitter and the LGBT flag colours and realise you have definitely reached the correct place and it feels fantastic.

People of many different qualities and traits came to see the event and explore what it had to offer.

“I have really enjoyed Vauxhall Tavern nights in the past, so I saw this event and found it pretty interesting”, says 23-year-old, Kira Sumner.

On this particular day, the 28th April, there was a highly pleasant turnout. Whilst coming early, there was not a queue as such, however it soon did pile up.



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