The why of the BI

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More and more bisexual figures are making their way to our screens and people are getting excited. We definitely have come a long way since the ‘Madonna and Britney’ iconic kiss in 2003 and bisexuality has now found a place on both the small and the big screen. Even though shinning a light on the matter can be a great positive, it also sparks conversation in the straight community about bisexuals being just dazed and confused. 

Through the years the world saw bisexuality as a big confusion and for some it still remains a mystery. According to, bisexuality is “the quality or characteristic of being sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender.” What’s complex to some is the why. Why would someone by attracted to both genders? Is it because humans are greedy? Or maybe just an inner indecisiveness? 

“Personally, I just fall in love with people. It’s about the way someones makes me feel and how we connect. Love for me blossoms from the inside out so gender is not my concern,” said Laura Jones, 23, who’s always enjoyed the best of both worlds.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 02.27.44
Source: National Statistics

The myths and stereotypes that surround bisexuality are numerous, with some even questioning if it’s even “real.” While there’s people who believe that it doesn’t exist at all, there’s also the ones who see it as an experimentation period before figuring out someone’s real sexual preference. ‘Bi-curiosity is also very common, with a number of people having a great interest in engaging sexually with the other sex without putting on the label of bisexuality. 

For the Bi community being attracted to both genders is as simple as being attracted to both brunettes and blondes. According to, bisexuals are “just as decisive, confused, honest, red-haired, tall or fat as everyone else.” 

Biphobia is real too. Studies have shown that bisexuals tend to stay in the closet for longer, and at times never even come out, because of the response they get from the society. What might come as a surprise to some is that bisexual people face discrimination, not just from straight but, also from other members of the LGBTQ+ community. This has resulted in almost double the rates of mental illness in the Bi community, in comparisons to both homosexual and heterosexual people.

“The problem when you’re bi is that, you’re not straight enough for the women and you’re also not homosexual enough for the gays,” said Miguel Ferrer, who started as a bisexual but ended up choosing the ‘G’ side of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Bisexuals are a minority within a minority and that has a lot of negative effects on their wellbeing. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are terms that are easily understandable to the public because they refer to either the same or the opposite sex. Bisexuality, on the other hand, is all about fluidity and that seems to be the problem for many. It is all about “the freedom to feel attraction without blinkers,” as states. 

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