Tomboy style is a prime example of gender-neutral fashion

Gender-neutral fashion has seen an apparent increase in 2018 but tomboys have been around since forever. From the boyfriend jeans to sneakers, tomboy style refers to anything that’s not traditionally feminine. 

Coco Chanel was the first ‘gentlewoman’ of the 20th century and one of the main reasons tomboy style has become so popular today. Thanks to her, and many others, the idea of what it means to dress like a woman took a different turn. In the 1500’s, tomboy was used to refer to the bold, immodest women but, today it’s all about the liberation of expression. 

For years, women were forced to follow the rules of the society when it comes to style but, today is all about individualism. Gender-blending in fashion hasn’t always been cool, at least not as much as it it today. But, there’s definitely something alluring about a woman that’s choosing to be more controversial with her stylistic choices. Tomboy style is more than just a more androgynous look, it’s a whole attitude on life. It’s about pleasing yourself and no one else. Because who doesn’t like breaking the rules?

The love for more masculine clothing is not anything new but, back in the day the only option for women was to buy menswear. With the evolution of fashion, the idea of tomboy style evolved from wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie to actual womenswear inspired by menswear. The 20th century has managed to  breakdown most of the gender rules and bring to the surface what was always there; a more androgynous idea of dressing. 

Louise Tse, a 26-year-old fashion lover and former owner of a vintage store, says that tomboy style is, “simple, comfortable and effortless.” Typically, tomboys are associated with more masculine ideologies, not just with a less feminine style. But, tomboy style is more about the effortless feel of fashion. “For me dressing in a tomboy style comes as an accident. I do it for comfort, whereas if I’m making an effort but also want the practicality, I’ll mix it up and combine pieces like a pleated skirt with an oversized men’s shirt.”

Tomboy Style Icons                       Source: Marie Claire

Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, Alexa Chung and, of course Gwen Stefani, are only some of the tomboy style icons proving that a woman doesn’t need to wear a dress to feel sexy or feminine. Confidence is way sexier than a pair of heels and a tailored blazer can definitely give you that.

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Social media are the ultimate guide for inspiration when it comes to street style and, Instagram features a number of accounts that specialise on tomboy style. The term “tomboy” is now associated with anything that has a “less is more” attitude and, that includes beauty. 

According to Chloe Brinklow, the founding editor of TOMBOYBEAUTY on Instagram, the tomboy girl of fashion is, “she who goes against the grain.” Same as tomboy fashion, tomboy beauty is “all about mixing a feminine ease with a masculine edge. It’s fearless, effortless and progressive.”


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