Welcome To Me

Jay Bamber had been hiding in the closet for over 20 years; upon ‘coming out’ he is finally living his authentic life and is now celebrating the release of his 3rd gay romance novel, Welcome to Me.

J. J. Bamber - Welcome To Me
J. J. Bamber – Welcome To Me

“Numerous publishers liked my writing but had asked if I had something more commercial to bring to the table. Well, I didn’t”.

Novelist, Jay Bamber, was initially instructed by publishers to create a storyline that would be more appealing to the masses. At this time, Bamber had already written a story that he was very fond of, but which just didn’t set the world on fire.

Consumed by his ambition to release a book Bamber, 26, began to obsessively elaborate on characters that he created in his head to the point where his thoughts would often be preoccupied by what might happen to them, “eventually I had a character who I could not stop thinking and stressing about, it’s incredibly crazy how something completely fictional can engulf your mind like that.  Nate, the main character in my first book, had just been left by his husband and had to go back to his hometown because he had no money. I mean, how was I not meant to worry about him … he had no money!” Bamber exclaimed with a smirk on his face, clutching an ample glass of red wine and adjusting the tortoiseshell frames sat neatly on his nose.

“I lived in London at the time, so I kept imagining this character in everyone I saw on the street and I was just physically worried for him. I couldn’t get over the feeling that he needed a happy ending because he didn’t know how to move on with his life. It was like I had a friend in the world who needed something, so I worked out who he was and then I wrote his story”. Similarly, to how Nate needed Jay, Jay also needed Nate in order to win the hearts of his current publisher, Less Than Three Press. Upon this realisation was the birth of Until There Was You, a story of hopeless love and courage focused around the narrative of a young gay couple.

Less Than Three Press is a strong rising presence in the LGBTQI+ romance community and is a labour of love between three women who aspired to write and publish books in their own unique way.

“The team at LT3 Press were instantly interested in Nate’s story, they wanted stories about a diverse range of people and broad range of love stories, so I felt good about handing Nate over to them. It was an easy fit” explained Bamber.

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His latest release, Welcome to Me is a storyline based upon chaos, drug and alcohol addiction and trust issues, though the recurring theme within Bamber’s narratives seems to revolve around the hidden inner strength of a person – without giving too much away. “I didn’t want to write about a gay person that struggles. As much as I can relate to that pain, it can emote a negative reaction and can make someone feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t always have to be this way. Gay people fall in love just as romantically and as amorously as straight people do and it’s these kinds of stories that just don’t get the enough praise or press” Bamber explains as the contents of his wine glass begins to lessen.


His agent, Ricardo Edmon has been working with Jay for the past three years and said: “I originally began speaking with Jay because he contacted me (over-and-over-again) about helping him get his film and TV reviews published. He lied and told me he was older than he was! But we worked well together and when he told me he was ready to sell a book I agreed to help him. We loved that book but couldn’t sell it. I noticed that the male/male genre was thriving, so suggested he write a story around that and we sold it pretty quickly. Jay has this ability to write so intimately and thoughtfully about how people learn to love each other so once we had a story it was a pretty quick sell.”

Bamber reveals that he has a five-book contract and has promised that there is already work in progress locked away on his laptop. Although, he hasn’t divulged into what the next novel will entail he assures us that the next two releases will not disappoint.

Welcome to Me is available to buy on Amazon.com.


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